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Old 09-28-2021 , 22:45   Re: [L4D2] Slow down the mob horde spawn and SI respawn time
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Left4DHooks has:

PHP Code:
// Forwards:
forward Action L4D_OnMobRushStart();
forward Action L4D_OnSpawnITMob(int &amount);
forward Action L4D_OnSpawnMob(int &amount);

// Natives: 
native void L4D_ResetMobTimer();
native int L4D2Direct_GetPendingMobCount();
native void L4D2Direct_SetPendingMobCount(int count);
native CountdownTimer L4D2Direct_GetMobSpawnTimer();
Can use the forwards to then call the natives or change the mob amount etc. Depending on what you want.
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