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Just edit the nut files.
You will have total control over these things you are asking about and much more.

I use Stripper and other methods to find the nut scripts the campaign is using.
Then I use
to decode and get a copy of the original .nut file.

I then modify it and put it here on the server.

If you put it in the correct place it will 100% of the time be used insetad of the original .nut file and work. It is that easy but understanding VScripts takes some effort.

See this post.
It is a long post but explains a lot of things and gives four ways to make these events better/easier.
1) Turn off the event totally using stripper
2) Turn off the event using the VScript method
3) Modify the event using VScripts
4) use stripper or a plugin to add bile and pipe bombs to the maps near the start of the events.

See the part about changing the gauntlet run to the safe room second to last map of Dark Carnival.
To make this run less annoying I changed it to spawn the gauntlet hoard from BEHIND instead of in front of the survivors.

Give it a try to see how it works.
Try out my change by placing this file
\L4D2\left4dead2\scripts\vscripts\c2m4_barns_ onslaught2.nut

I only changed this line to spawn the mob behind the survivors.
PreferredMobDirection = SPAWN_BEHIND_SURVIVORS

But you can see the other options in there you were asking about.
SpecialRespawnInterval = 1.0
SmokerLimit = 2
JockeyLimit = 0
BoomerLimit = 0
HunterLimit = 2
ChargerLimit = 1

One other thing I have been doing to make these horrible gauntlet runs and endless hoards less painful is to use Stripper and my map item spawner (mentioned in that post) to place bile and pipe bombs in the maps at the start of these events to make them easier. There are other new item spawn plugins you can find too.

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