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Originally Posted by Silvers View Post
Left4DHooks can change the spawn mob timers and amount of mob. Would be easy for someone to write a plugin using that and changing the time/size of mobs.
Does Left4DHooks also help solve with special infected respawn interval?

I'm testing [L4D2] VScript Director Options Unlocker and sometime this plugin doesn't work?

PHP Code:
l4d2_directoroptions_overwrite "MaxSpecials=4;BoomerLimit=1;HunterLimit=1;SmokerLimit=1;JockeyLimit=1;ChargerLimit=1;SpitterLimit=1;
I put all special infected limit with 1 and test to play with bad sample of custom map
But sometime i still see 2 hunter and 2 smoker with literally one second respawn interval (According to nut file, it said "SpecialRespawnInterval = 1.0") which is totally unfair

Actually, i never edit vscript or nut file thingy so i don't know if i did right or what are the best mob spawn interval and something

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