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Originally Posted by Ilusion9 View Post
HTML Code:
  Table: m_RetakeRules (offset 11692) (type DT_RetakeGameRules)
   Member: m_nMatchSeed (offset 248) (type integer) (bits 32) ()
   Member: m_bBlockersPresent (offset 252) (type integer) (bits 1) (Unsigned)
   Member: m_bRoundInProgress (offset 253) (type integer) (bits 1) (Unsigned)
   Member: m_iFirstSecondHalfRound (offset 256) (type integer) (bits 32) (Unsigned)
   Member: m_iBombSite (offset 260) (type integer) (bits 32) (Unsigned)
PHP Code:
But it doesn't work, I think it only works in retakes gamemode ...
i think there's a way around that.
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