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Originally Posted by AtomicStryker View Post
Survivor AI Trigger fixes, for L4D2!

Functionality is similar to its predecessor for L4D.

With this on your server an all-bot-team is able to run through all Coop (and since the latest patch, versus) Campaigns - with one exception, being the Dead Center Finale.

There's just no scavenge AI of any kind. Lazy Valve ^^

This does NOTHING if there is at least one human on the Survivor Team. Otherwise it triggers Crescendos, Finales and warps Bots ahead at pre-programmed stuck spots.

It also features an extensive Toolkit for finding and manipulating Entities in L4D2 ...

sm_findentitybyclass - find an entity by classname and starting index.
sm_findentitybyname - find an entity by name and starting index.
sm_listentities - server console dump of all valid entities
sm_findnearentities <radius> - find all Entities in a radius around you.
sm_sendentityinput <entity id> <input string> - sends an Input to said Entity.
sm_findentprop <property string> - returns an entity property value in yourself.


1.0.0 - initial release
1.0.1 - crash fixes
1.0.2 - fixed C1M2 crescendo to BLOW STUFF UP!!
1.0.3 - added Versus functionality for some maps
1.0.4 - small fix, actually UPLOADED the file this time
1.0.5 - added gamemode and server checks against bugs
1.0.6 - removed Versus BotBait since Valve finally fixed it
1.0.7 - fixes supermarket crescendo, removed saferoom warps, improved mapchange behaviour
1.0.8 - fix for Sacrifice DLC, thanks adrianman
1.0.9 - Bots now progress the map alone, again
"all" camps? i don't think you have tested the Dead Center alarm run, because the bots get stuck on 1 part of the map, and on the Blood Harvest level, they CAN'T trigger the door that leads to the train car area so...
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