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Drop Defuser Kit 1.55
by Damaged Soul

AMX Mod X Version: 1.75 and above
Supported Mods: Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero

This plugin allows the CT team to drop their defuser kits on the ground. Since defuser kits are dropped on death, why not allow a CT to voluntarily drop it as well? It could be used so one can buy defuse kits for other teammates when they do not have enough money.

Required Modules

  • Client Commands
    • dropdefuser
      • Drops the defuser kit if you have one
      • Bind this to any key or or just type it in the console
      • For example, when you type "bind v dropdefuser" in the console, you will have bound the V key to drop the defuser kit.
  • Cvars
    • amx_dd_bindnotice [Default Value: 1]
      • Determines if a notification in the chat area is displayed to players when they are put in the server.
      • Set to this 0 to disable the notification
    • amx_dd_bindnotice_delay [Default Value: 20.0]
      • Determines how many seconds after a player enters the server that the bind notification will be displayed.
      • Depends upon amx_dd_bindnotice being set to 1
    • amx_dd_version
      • Shows the version of the plugin
Version History
  • 1.55 [July 4, 2006]
    • Added: amx_dd_version cvar for more easily finding a server with this plugin
    • Now uses the Fakemeta module instead of Engine
    • Minor optimizations
  • 1.51 [Apr. 19, 2006]
    • Fixed: No player could pick up any defuser kit unless he or she already dropped one
  • 1.50 [Apr. 17, 2006]
    • Now uses item_thighpack with DispatchSpawn instead of a "hacked" info_target entity
    • Added: Optional notification in chat area about binding dropdefuser command to a key
    • Fixed: Defuser kit removal at round end was using ResetHUD event which could be exploited or sometimes could cause defuser kits to removed too early.
  • 1.00 [Sept. 20, 2004]
    • Initial release
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