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Old 06-22-2022 , 09:04   [L4D2] sv_cheats 1/0 RESETS SERVER CVARS
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Hey guys, I have an issue that I can't jump over in L4D2.

I am trying to prevent other people from using cheat commands aside from me.

I can achieve this by using a plugin called Admin Cheats. This largely solves my problem but there is a hiccup: the command "respawn" and "respawn_all" do not work with "sv_cheats 0" even with Admin Cheats on.

Thus, I instead wanted to enable cheats, use cheats, and then disable them instantly (example: sv_cheats 1;respawn_all;sv_cheats 0). This would work fine with a single exception: "sv_cheats 0" resets my server cvars.

Now I added a cfg to automatically load all default server cvars for me after setting sv_cheats to 0, but that would mean running around 50+ cvars every time I use a cheat, because then it would look something like this: sv_cheats 1;respawn_all;sv_cheats 0;exec DefaultCvars(.cfg).

Since I have cvars that I change based on the game we play, this would be EXTREMELY TEDIOUS to reapply after each cheat.

I looked for solutions to only enable sv_cheats to me (the host), but I could find nothing.

Can anyone help with this?

Does someone know how to achieve either of these:

1. Prevent the game from resetting server cvars after sv_cheats is restored to 0.
2. Enable sv_cheats ONLY FOR ME so that other players cannot abuse cheats.

Thanks in advance.

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