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Originally Posted by fysiks View Post
I don't think the logic of choosing your rates has changed for over 10 years.
Sorry for the very late reply got busy with life lol

Recommending cvars that don't exist is absurd (especially without explanation). Also, forcing everybody to use the highest rate for everything is not a good idea. You can't assume that everybody has a good efficient PC and a real good internet connection (most do but not all).

There are enough recent threads that can be found that explain this stuff.

I'd probably recommend a decent range with the max settings at 100% of the maximum value and then the minimum at about 80% of the maximum values.

Ultimately, nobody can tell you the "best" rates for your server and your clients. Start with a reasonable range and test it for a while. You can always change the rates a little bit and see if things improve (as long as you don't tell any of your players that you changed it so that you prevent the placebo effect).

- Those are internet related commands, nothing to do with "efficient PC" or fps.
- Its 2018, litterly everybody has good internet (specially for CS:1.6 requirements).
- Nothing happens if you play with highest rate values on CS:1.6 on a low-speed internet (i tested it my self before, on a 1-2 MB speed internet and it run smooth).
- There is absolutely no point setting a minimum value to 80%, you want players to have the maximum smoothness/lagfree experience, so it must be set to 100%.

I have made extensive tests my self, if you happen to have a 2018 server with 2018 internet and 2018 players, then use my values, they are the BEST and highest values you can use in CS:1.6. Or you can make the tests your self and find out you wasted many hours of your life just to realize Syturio values were right.

sv_maxrate 100000
sv_minrate 100000

sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 100

Slow-hack this shit into players:
cl_cmdrate 210
rate 100000
cl_updaterate 100
Would u say these are the best rates? I have avg 40 INs on net_graph 3 is that better? While others have 80-100hmm

in the end I went with this

sv_maxrate "100000"
sv_maxupdaterate "101"
sv_minrate "70000"
sv_minupdaterate "60"
sv_lan_rate "100000"

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