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Old 09-02-2012 , 11:49   [NMRiH] Infinite Ammo (unlimited ammo)
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Infinite Ammo
for No More Room in Hell.

Simple thing: Infinite Ammo for all weapons in "No More Room in Hell".

Warning: This plugin does not work for other games/mods!
  • SourceMod 1.3 or higher.

Known Issues:
  • none

How to report issues:
Please read the 5 latest posts from other users within this thread.
Post within this thread and try to add the following information, it makes it much easier for me to help you and speeds it up:
  1. What game are you running the plugin on. (CSS, HL2DM, TF2, etc...)
  2. The server IP (DON'T write or send your rcon password or any other password, if a direct access is needed I will contact you PERSONALLY)!
  3. What the problem is:
    • The server is crashing, lagging, etc.
    • The plugin isn't loading.
    • The plugin isn't working right. (mostly you set one of the configuration variables wrong, please be sure to read it again but don't be scared, just ask if something is unclear and I try to explain and add a better description to this post).
  4. What the server console prints, when you type the following into it without "" (if you can't access the server console directly use HLSW):
    1. "plugin_print"
    2. "meta list"
    3. "sm plugins list"
    4. "sm exts list"
  5. Attach/upload your config file with your post.
  6. Search the latest error log (<moddir>/addons/sourcemod/logs/error_xxxxxx.log) that contains an error about this plugin.

  • v1.2 for NMRiH-v1.05
    • Changed the logic how to handle infinite ammo to prevent a full inventory by ammunition.
  • v1.1 for NMRiH-v1.04
    • First public release.
Console/Chat commands:

  • none
Console variables:
PHP Code:
// This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v1.4.5-dev)
// ConVars for plugin "nmrih-infinite-ammo.smx"

// Enables or disables this plugin
// -
// Default: "1"
nmrih-infinite-ammo_enable "1" 

Important information:
  • BE SURE TO OVERWRITE THE OLD CONFIG FILE IN <moddir>/cfg/sorucemod/
The provided download is configured to start working as soon the plugin is loaded.
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  • Extract the zip into your mod folder.

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Thank you Berni with git and suggestions.
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You like this plugin? Then how about a little flattr?

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