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Wow, thanks for this!
I been looking for a solution for my bot server since Sept.

This gets me closer to what I want but not quite.
CSGO has a new weird problem.
See this thread.

Regardless of the mp_limitteams and mp_autoteambalance settings,
The max per team for CSGO is now this bad thing:
max per team = maxplayers /2

This is bad for bot servers where we try to set up a bot team with
28 players v/s 4 humans.

Any chance we can get a fix for CSGO mp_limitteams?
CSGO honors mp_limitteams, but only up to half of maxplayers.
Once a team has maxplayers/2 csgo will not let more on the team regardless of how many spawn points the maps has.
(Testing with 40 spawn point per team).

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