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Originally Posted by GHartmann View Post
I built it against TF2 with a few small changes
Thanks, I've added these changes into the source!

Originally Posted by GHartmann View Post
Actually, it seems it adds the files to the download list for new clients connecting, which means anyone connecting after a late download is added will still have to sit through the downloading of files. Wonder if there's a way around that?
Yep, during the "latedl call", the file is also added into the download table (see function AddStaticDownloads). The reasoning behind this behaviour is simple - some player might connect while everybody else is getting the ingame download.
I might add a boolean parameter for cases when you don't need file consistency amongst the players and one more native for file removal from the download table. I'm curious - what exactly is your use case? How the fact that some players doesn't have the needed files doesn't break their experience?
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