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Late Downloads

What is this?
This is a SourceMod extension that allows file transfers to players that are already in the game.

How to build this?
Just as any other AMBuild project:
  1. Install AMBuild
  2. Download Half-Life 2 SDK, Metamod:Source and SourceMod
  3. Code:
    mkdir build && cd build
  4. Code:
    python ../ --hl2sdk-root=??? --mms-path=??? --sm-path=??? --sdks=csgo
  5. Code:

How to use this?
Simply copy the extension binary to the extensions folder and the include file into the scripting/include folder.

Now just create a new plugin and include
Sample script
PHP Code:
#pragma semicolon 1
#pragma newdecls required

#include <sourcemod>
#include <latedl>

public Plugin myinfo 
name "My First Plugin"
author "Me"
description "My first plugin ever"
version "1.0"
url ""

void OnPluginStart()

void OnDownloadSuccess(int iClientchar[] filename) {
    if (
iClient 0)
PrintToServer("All players successfully downloaded file '%s'!"filename);

Action Command_TestDL(int clientint args)
//create arbitrary file
int time GetTime();
char tstr[64];
File file OpenFile(tstr"wt"trueNULL_STRING);

Extension configuration
The extension exposes following cvars:
  • latedl_minimalbandwidth (default = 64) - Kick clients with lower bandwidth (in kbps). Zero to disable.
  • latedl_maximaldelay (default = 500) - Acceptable additional delay (in ms) when sending files.
  • latedl_requireupload (default = 1) - Kick clients with "sv_allowupload" = 0. Zero to disable.

The first two cvars limit the maximal time that the download can take. The maximal duration (in seconds) is computed using following formula: maximalDelay / 1000 + (fileSizeInBytes * 8 ) / (minimalBandwidth * 1000)

If the player fails to download the file in time, he's kicked.

The last cvar kicks any player that rejects incoming files.
Additional information
  • This was tested only in CS:GO, but any modern Source game (OrangeBox+) should be ok.
  • This extension used to be a part of the Gorme project.
  • YESTERDAY Valve changed the default settings for sv_allowupload (now disabled by default), torpedoing this extension.

Sources and binaries
Latest sources are availabe at github:
Binaries for windows and linux should be availabe at the github releases page:
Sorry for my english.

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