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Originally Posted by Searcher64 View Post
How about adding L4D2 Ready Up? Would it be useful in any way?

Edit: How about trying a L4D2 song as the racing song when someone uses !raceon? It would then end when all survivors have reached safe room, is it possible?

Edit 2: Will it work on ALL stages with The Parish(the trailer stage), Dark Carnival, and Hard Rain (the elevator stage)?

Edit 3: It's not working for me? It shows many of the cvars are unknown commands. The no-lose-health thing works and the broadcast thing works but everything else doesn't....
The problem with using songs from l4d is that theres not many of them and only one or two suit the gameplay download HLDJ if your the admin and get your own songs.

hard rain elevator, im still trying to see what i can do about that, the trailer in the parish gets its doors ripped off, and all events in dark carnival and the parish except the finales are called when the games starts.

about the cvars some of them are related to dietasee jockey jump plugin, im gonna add a way where they get triggered quietly(at least try to).

What things dont exactly work for you ? make sure your playing in versus with friends or its useless (i recommend at least 6 players).

also about ready up i don't really think that is useful in this case because an admin can simply type raceon and everyone will get teleported to their positions, besides when i have played theres always new people and if i added ready up it would slow things down every round, this way they get "forced" into playing by teleporting.

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