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Old 09-11-2015 , 17:43   Re: Changes - Part 2: Rolling Release Cycle

Will MetaMod: Source be moved over to rolling releases as well?

Also a word to the wise: FindMap's syntax changed between the Stable (1.7) and Unstable (1.8) builds:

// 1.7
native FindMapResult FindMap(char[] map, int maxlen);

// 1.8
native FindMapResult FindMap(const char[] map, char[] foundmap, int maxlen);
There's a compatibility shim in place to make code that uses FindMap compiled under 1.7 work in 1.8, but you can't compile code that uses the older syntax with the current unstable/development compiler.

Edit: This wasn't relevant before as FindMap appeared in 1.7.3, but since it's now part of the "release" Stable version, now it is relevant.
Am I back? Well, we'll see.

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