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L4D1/2 Infinite Reserved Ammo

This is my first plugin.
It makes it so that you have to reload, but never run out for ammo.

If you are going to change the cvars do it in the auto-generated config file.
Delete your config file if updating.

  • 0.4 Initial Release
  • 0.5 - 0.7 Fixed Up some Code, added health items, and more Guns
  • 0.8 Instead of just changing the cvars for the health items, I made it use the give command. if the cvar for the item (e.g. medkits) is enabled.
  • 0.9 Removed all the health cvars and added support for l4d1 and the M60.
  • 1.0 Fixed the m60 dropping and disappearing when empty. Thanks to birno for this post
Some credit goes to "(-DR-)GrammerNatzi" for his "L4D infinite reserve ammo" plugin. His was not completely compatible with,
and was giving me trouble in L4D2, so I decided to make this.
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