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Plant Anywhere 2

Hi, this is my first plugin. I made this because the I wanted to make the Plant anywhere plugin by [email protected] work on any map and add more features to it.


As the name says you can plant anywhere on the map but comes with extra features.

  • Works on any type of map (With/Without Round Ends).
  • Works with CSDM (No Round Ends).
  • Allows everyone to buy a C4.
  • Bomb can be planted on Walls.
  • On explosion Planter gets frags for each Victim killed.

c4 - Buy a C4.
c4_disable_roundend - When the bomb explodes or is defused the round won't end. Map restart required to re-enable round end.


c4_anywhere (Default: 1)
Allows planter to plant anywhere on the map. Map restart required in order for the changes to take effect.

c4_buy (Default: 1)
Allow Terrorists to purchase C4.

c4_buy_ct (Default: 0)
Allow CTs to purchase C4.

c4_kill (Default: 1)
Planters gets frags for each victim killed by his C4.

c4_wall (Default: 1)
Allows planter to plant on walls.

c4_cost (Default: 3000)
Cost of the c4.

c4_wait (Default: 20)
The amount of time the planter must wait before planting the C4.

  • cstrike
  • csx
  • csdm (only if you have csdm installed)
  • fakemeta

[email protected] - Original Plugin
Cheap_Suit - Silly C4 Plugin
VEN - CS Bomb Scripting FAQ/Tutorial


- Fixed plugin not working when csdm is not installed

- Better approach to wall planting.
- Fixed c4_wait not getting disabled.

- First Release


If you want to use the plugin with CSDM you have to uncomment the first line:
//#define CSDM
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