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  • surf_icebob2 was made by Bob Fincheimer. By default the map isn't playable except on his servers with a similar script as this one running. Besides the disclaimer on the map saying "Please Do Not Steal My Map ... Stealing Results in Bob being very mad and losing all respect for you" I can't find any reason releasing this would be against any rules as I wrote the code myself.

This plugin fixes:
  • Spawn locations
  • Teleport when falling off map
  • Bullseye trigger
  • "Jail Doors" / "Shutters" (fences that move up when you shoot a bullseye)
  • guns are pick-up-able

Bob Fincheimer for the map downloadable off of fpsbanana here

Requires AMXX 1.8 or higher
Current Online Compiler version as of release is 1.76d so I've uploaded a .amxx file for people too lazy to compile locally.
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