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This plugin allows admins to make other players glow in a spesfic color, the supported colors are: red,green,yellow & blue. This plugin logs & echos admin actions, it does NOT allow
admins to enter the RGB value of th color they want ( To stop usage of "cheat" colors that make ppl hard to spot).This plugin also support having players go say /glow <color> to make themself glow in
any of the defined colors.

say /glow <color>

Modules required: fun or engine (check #define )

Q) How do i enable public glow?
A) Check in the define section

Q) Can i disable the public glow on the server in runtime?
A) Yes, change the amx_publicglow cvar.

Ops in #AMXmod @ Quakenet for alot of help ( + AssKicR & CheesyPeteza )

  • 1.3.3 ( 3.11.2004 )
    - Fixed: Fixed possible issue with index out of bounds
    - Added: Making players glow engine module instead of fun module ( change WhatModule define, fun module is standard)

  • Add more colors
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