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Originally Posted by iPodRx View Post
GoDaddy does allow direct access for MySQL, which allows it to update the database and add bans. Your server can also read the bans. The bigger problem is that it isn't dynamic since GoDaddy will not open the tcp and udp ports for sourcebans to see the gameserver and interact.

Here is what GoDaddy will not do.

The test script will read something like this.
[+] SourceBans "Error Connecting()" Debug starting for server x.x.x.x:xxxxx

[+] Trying to establish UDP connection
[+] UDP connection successfull!
[+] Trying to write to the socket
[+] Successfully requested server info. (That doesn't mean anything on an UDP stream.) Reading...
[-] Error getting server info. Can't read from UDP stream. Port is possibly blocked.

[+] Trying to establish TCP connection
[-] Error connecting #111: Connection refused
I can confirm this, so did the customer support when I asked them about this.
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