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TF2 Stats Simplified Redux

original plugin can be found here in case my thread is not detailed enough :

This is modified version of TF2 Stats plugin I have done for my community that shut down while back.

- automatic setup for multiple servers (only one database per multiple servers, each server will automatically have ip:port based table entry).
- fixed nasty bug with newly added weapons not being registered in stats and not giving points to players.
- removed sqlite support for obvious reasons.

Chat commands:
- "rank" to display your rank to the server.
- "top10" to view the top 10 ranked players.
- "players" to view a list of ingame players.
- "webrank" to get your webrank
- "webtop" to get the webtop
- "session" to get information about your session
- "hidepoints" to hide the points you get
-"unhidepoints" to show the points you get

Admin commands:
- sm_rankadmin - opens the rank admin menu
- rank_givepoints <client> <value> - give points client(s)
- rank_removepoints <client> <value> - remove points from client(s)
- rank_setpoints <client> <value> - sets the client's points to <value>

See tf/cfg/tf2-stats.cfg for complete list

1. Upload all files to their appropriate folders from zip file
2. create new entry in databases.cfg named tf2stats_redux (not tf2stats as old version)
        "driver"            "mysql"
        "host"                ""
        "database"            "tf2stats_redux"
        "user"                "xiao"
        "pass"                "niaoniao"
        "timeout"            "4"
        "port"            "3306"
3. optionally adjust settings to your liking before uploading to all servers in tf2-stats.cfg in tf/cfg folder
4. setup web interface (instructions can be found in original thread?)
5. enjoy

- custom chatcolors support with cvar for showing next to nick person's rank.
- finish and release custom node.js web panel for TF2 Stats
- add global playtime, global kills, global deaths, etc commands. (across all servers)
- discord support

- I take no credit as I just fixed the plugin a bit up, original thread authors and respective people still rock

Please don't be harsh on my code or changes, I'm just edits of plugin I personally enjoyed. Report any issues you find!
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