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Originally Posted by iGANGNAM View Post
Did I miss the update? It still with Fast Query but I'll try it.
Edit: It's 10 times better now, just var still can go up to 1.0+ if u check few banks a lot times
Found issue. When you set value from the exterior way (not in-game), it won't get updated on the game
So if you update value in-game it will also be going to update with in-game value not current value in the database.
That's kind of the downside of the plugin now. It breaks the most important feature for me...
Sometimes players say they have 0 currency even DB value is there.
Complete mess with bank list after update
Oh.. Oh wow. Sorry. Have you made a backup ? Snap. I am sorry. I actually tested only with 1 bank. Damn it. Stupid me.

I'll fix it up.
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