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Originally Posted by Fsjal View Post
Yeah, I set that up already. Not sure if there are any issues with it or not since bans I add in-game appear on SB. This is what I put in databases.cfg.

"driver" "default"
"host" "my website"
"database" "database name"
"user" "my databases username"
"pass" "my databases password"
//"timeout" "0"
"port" "3306"
When you add your self as a admin you still get it on the server?

Other problem can be server id. So go to addons/sourcemod/configs/sourcebans open sourcebans.cfg, make sure serverid match the server id on the website. To find the server id go to your sourcebans site then Admin Panel, Server settings and there should be a server there and a number btw make sure the rcon password its correct
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