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I see there's the master (more recently updated) and the dev branch (not updated recently).
Which one should I get for more stability?

The only reason I want to update amxmodx is that client_cmd("mp3 play <path to sound>") gives "Server tried to send invalid command" error to the clients, but I also see it appends a new line after the command, so maybe that's the issue, not the "mp3 play" command itself (please someone correct me if you have more knowledge about this). The command itself as I write it does not contain a new line (I hardcoded it for testing), only the command that the client receives.
I'm using 1.8.2 currently, so if the official 1.8.3 solves the issue above I might use that as well, instead of a non-release version

EDIT: Updated to 1.10. client_cmd still doesn't work. I know the client_cmd stuff is off-topic here, so can someone direct me to a thread/github issue that discusses this problem, if it exists?

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