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Old 09-15-2017 , 10:14   [NMRiH] Simple respawn the players
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Hello every gays!
This plugin will be enable respawn players by admin that work fine in Survival mode and objective mode.

[Admin Commands]
1. sm_rsp: Open respawn menu;
2. sm_rspall: NMRiH respawn all players;

Added 3.sm_rspme: Respawn self;
Added 4.sm_killall: Kills all players, then ends the round;
Added 5.sm_freezeplayers: Freezes all players;
Added 6.sm_unfreezeplayers: Unfreezes all players;
Added 7.sm_freezezombies: Freezes all zombies;
Added 8.sm_unfreezezombies: Unfreezes all zombies;
Added 9.sm_restround: Restarts round immediately;

Email:[email protected]

Sorry for my english....
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