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Thought I would have a go and test this with Insurgency2. The web install went perfect. I added only one server so far to test. This server is NOT on the same machine as the Website or the Database.
Here is that link:

|USMC| Bans

MetaMod & SourceMod Versions:

I am getting several errors in the game servers /sourcemod/logs folder.
Here are the errors:

This error here is weird I think because sourcebans.cfg IS in that folder.
L 08/14/2014 - 13:28:12: [SM] Native "SetFailState" reported: [SourceBans] File not found: addons\sourcemod\configs\sourcebans.cfg
Here is the sourcebans.cfg:

I checked my phpMyAdmin and the tables were created. I am guessing the errors are just compatibility issues with Insurgency2/2014.
Can anyone help?
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