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First Blood Rewards (0.2)

Stupid little plugin that has the same basic idea as my first blood crits plugin(link) but, with a twist. I wasnt sure I should post both plugins on the same thread or not, or I would have...

**Credits for this plugin go to all the helpful people on this forum**

Description: Player who gets first kill when round starts gets either a popup menu to choose a reward, or random reward(depending what value you set for mode cvar).

Config is auto-created, but heres cvars anyways.

sm_arenafirstblood "0" //Enable tf2 first blood cvar in arena mode? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_crits_period "15.0" // Period in seconds for crits duration.
sm_fbrewards_emitsound "1" // Emit the first blood sound file files? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_enabled "1" // Enable/Disable first blood rewards plugin. (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_fireammo_period "60.0" // Period in seconds for fire ammo duration.
sm_fbrewards_god_period "20.0" // Period in seconds for godmode duration.
sm_fbrewards_health_amount "600.0" // Health amount for health buff reward.
sm_fbrewards_invis_period "25.0" // Period in seconds for invis duration.
sm_fbrewards_msgs "1" // Display first blood reward messages/info? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_mode "1" //Mode for first blood rewards. (1/2) 1=menu popup 2=random.
sm_fbrewards_sentry_period "120" // Period in seconds before sentry is auto-destroyed.
sm_fbrewards_timer "1" // Enable the center screen timer countdown? (1/0 = yes/no)
sm_fbrewards_vampire_amount "12.0" // Health amount leeched per hit for vampire.
sm_fbrewards_vampire_period "100.0" // Period in seconds for vampire life leech duration.

If you don't like the default cvar values, change them. I tried to do what I thought was balanced, but it obviously depends on the type of server.

-Possibly having either 2 lvl1 sg's for that reward, figuring out how to add health and ammo to current sg, or spawning a lvl2 sg instead.
-Possibly giving them 1 second of godmode for when the menu opens so players have at least 1 second before they worry about dying with menu open...


- 8/26/09 - v0.2 - Added cvar (sm_fbrewards_mode "2") for random reward instead of popup menu. Fixed up a few things.
- 8/20/09 - v0.1 - Initial release

Lmk if theres any issues... Ill try to fix them......
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