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Originally Posted by pulpy
but how have u fixed the map specific configs? Mine work fine, i just redirect in each map.cfg for the csdm reload.
I've described the problem here.

Originally Posted by pulpy
Also did u address the issue that when u first joined, and say... got a m4 and deagle, then made it save ur weapon, then maybe 6 rounds later u try to get an ak and usp, it works only when the menu asks u, but after u hit 3 for the last time (i think it asks u 2x) it'll give u a m4 and deagle again (ur original layout)
After hitting first time item 3 (save and don't ask again) from the equip menu - did You use the say command "guns" or "/guns" to see the menu second time?

Originally Posted by pulpy
Put a limit on certain weapons. Awp gets whored to often and u cant limit it with regular plugins. I requested this before bail liked the idea, but so far i havent seen it implemented.. maybe u can add like a section in the config beside each weapon and 0 means no limit, 1 will limit 1 to each team, etc.
I can work on it, but I need to speak with BAILOPAN first how it should be done (the way/method only). But first I need to fix some bugs in podbot mm the people reported at podbot mm forum and release V3B16c, then I can try to take a look at the weapon limit problem. I think I need about 3-4 days for work on pb mm.
The Fullpack of podbot mm V3B22 - 24 apr 2012!!! is available here.
The All-In-One 3.2a package - 02 jun 2013 (AMX X 1.8.2 [with ATAC 3.0.1b , CSDM2.1.3c beta, CM OE 0.6.5, podbot mm V3B22c and mm 1.20) is available here.
The newest Beta V3B23a (rel. 28 august 2018!!!) is available here.
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