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Originally Posted by Depresie View Post
im talking about changing the server's game mode every one map...
It is not intend to that, but you want you can. But there is these cvars from the "Multi-Mod Manager" for such worries:

// enable (1) or disable (0) end map multi-mod voting.
amx_multimod_endmapvote 0

// enable (1) or disable (0) multi-mod voting (say votemod).
amx_multimod_voteallowed 1
You can see and configure the default cvars at "yougamemod/addons/amxmodx/configs/amxx_ultra.cfg"

You can limit too, the number of vote options, commenting the mods at the file
[CS-DM (DeathMatch)]:[csdm]:
;[Catch Mod]:[catch]:
;[Dragon Ball Mod]:[dragon]:
[Gun Game Mod]:[gungame]:
;[Hide N Seek Mod]:[hiden]:
[Just Capture The Flag]:[jctf]:
;[Knife Arena Mod]:[knife]:
;[Predator Mod_b2]:[predator]:
;[Super Heros]:[shero]:
;[Surf Mod]:[surf]:
;[Warcraft Ultimate Mod 3]:[warcraft]:
[Zombie Money Mod]:[zp50Money]:
;[Zombie Pack Ammo Mod]:[zp50Ammo]:

;[Mode Name]:[shortModName]:
But the admin still can active any mod by command line, even if it is not at multimod.ini above:

* Command 'amx_setmod modShortName <1 or 0>', to enable the mod "modShortName" as csdm,
starting a vote map (1) or not (0), right after. This command can only active mods loaded from
"multimod.ini" file, and needs an admin level ADMIN_CFG.

* Command 'amx_setmods modShortName <1 or 0>', to enable the mod "modShortName" as surf,
restarting (1) or not (0) the server immediately, silently. This command can active any mod installed
at the server, and it needs an admin level ADMIN_CVAR.
But the admin can always still forcing a vote mod, of the loaded mods from multimod.ini, by command line:
//Admin only command to launch MOD voting
And if you don't want the mod by map type as "zm_*" feature, just disable it:

Go to the folder
"yourgamemod/addons/amxmodx/configs/maps/" and rename the files "plugins-catch.ini", "plugins-surf.ini"
and "plugins-zm.ini" to "old_plugins-catch.ini", "old_plugins-surf.ini" and "old_plugins-zm.ini",
respectively. If you want to enable that feature again, "rename them" back.

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