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Originally Posted by retsam View Post
Bug: It looks like resupply lockers remove wearables just fyi. Is there a way to fix that?
Yeah, that's listed on the Known Issues. I'll take a look at Dragonshadow's link to see if I can fix that for next release.

Also, for the trigger, SM automatically deletes the sm_ part from the command, so a chat trigger can also be !tf2_wearables.

Originally Posted by Taner View Post
Even though I set sm_tf2_wearables_adminonly 1 and sm_tf2_wearables_announce 0 in my server.cfg, they get reset every map.

It would be nice if we could choose a flag instead of adminonly
That's because the server.cfg is run before the TF2_Wearables.cfg, you need to configure the second (at /cfg/sourcemod/)

Anyway, what you mean with a flag? Making some wearables admin only through the list file?
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