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Originally Posted by 3ipKa View Post
I decided not to create a new topic.
Question: How to run multiple daemons correctly on Windows. I know there is run_hlstats with options for Linux, but it's usless on Win, sooo.. What about Win?
run_hlstats is only bash script for Linux, so you can do it without it manually:

PHP Code:
  -h, --help                      display this help and exit  
v, --version                   output version information and exit
d, --debug                     enable debugging output (-dd for more)
n, --nodebug                   disables abovereduces debug level
-m, --mode=MODE                 player tracking mode (NormalLAN or NameTrack)  [$g_mode]
db-host=HOST              database ip or ip:port  [$db_host]
db-name=DATABASE          database name  [$db_name]
db-password=PASSWORD      database password (WARNINGspecifying the
                                    password on the command line is insecure
the configuration file instead.)
db-username=USERNAME      database username
--dns-resolveip             resolve player IP addresses to hostnames
(requires working DNS)
c,--configfile                Specific configfile to use, settings in this file can now
                                    be overidden with commandline settings
nodns-resolveip           disables above
--dns-timeout=SEC           timeout DNS queries after SEC seconds  [$g_dns_timeout]
i, --ip=IP                     set IP address to listen on for UDP log data
-p, --port=PORT                 set port to listen on for UDP log data  [$s_port]
r, --rcon                      enables rcon command exec support (the default)
norcon                    disables rcon command exec support
-s, --stdin                     read log data from standard inputinstead of
                                    from UDP socket
Must specify --server-ip
and --server-port to indicate the generator
                                    of the inputted log data 
(implies --norcon)
nostdin                   disables above
--server-ip                 specify data source IP address for --stdin
--server-port               specify data source port for --stdin  [$g_server_port]
t, --timestamp                 tells HLstatsX:CE to use the timestamp in the log
instead of the current time on the
                                    database server
when recording events
--notimestamp               disables above
--event-queue-size=SIZE     manually set event queue size to control flushing
(recommend 100+ for STDIN
:: Specify port in parameters
PHP Code:
:> perl --port=XXXX 

:: Create copy of hlstats.conf, change port, DB ...
PHP Code:
:> perl --configfile hlstats2.conf 

:: Create 2 copies and change port in hlstats.conf, then start it
PHP Code:
:> CD X:\HLStatsX\instance_1
:> perl

:> CD X:\HLStatsX\instance_2
:> perl 
Don't forget to allow ports (public) in Windows Firewall.

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