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Originally Posted by Senorita View Post
hello I can not install xlstat on my server I have downloaded all that I need when I enter it nothing works help plz
The install process seems overwhelming at times as there is a lot that needs to be done with this. But you have to provide more information if you want help here.

Start by telling us how you are set up, and what Operating Systems you are running.

Step by step of what you have done so far as most do not understand how to set this up as shown here.

The point here is making sure your game talks to the HLStats demon. The server where is listening for data from your game server to write the information to a database. Just have to make sure your database is setup with database name, a username and password. make sure the information is in hlstats.conf file and that the plugins are running on the game server and add logaddress_add ip:port to your game servers to report the information to the hlstats demon.

Looking forward to your reply, Senorita.

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