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Originally Posted by [WbOF]LuZiFeR View Post
Except the map that should be visible on the clan-detail-page:

Field is empty evertime… Should be an map, or?
Your site is https:// -

On your fornt page, you are loading various "http://" content, - e.g. images:

LuZiFeR <br>
		<a href=""><img src="" border="0" width="560" height="95" alt=""/></a><br><br>
Note the "http://", that one causes your browser to not load the content, depending on your settings.

You (e.g. HLstatsX:CE) are doing the exact same from from the page you mention above, where it is loading:


Originally Posted by [WbOF]LuZiFeR View Post
Any suggestions?
Simple fix would be to grep (search) your HLstatsX:CE files, and replace "[...]" with "[...]", so you make sure you are loading all content over https://.
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