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Originally Posted by sbrblz View Post
Unfortunately networking/lag issues are beyond my expertise, I'm just a regular user like you lol. I do know that the only map that I experience any type of lag is the helm's deep survival map, most likely due to the large number of zombies spawned on the map. However only the zombies lag for me, my survivor doesn't lag. I'm assuming you have it set up to show up in the steamgroup server list.

I see you have a ton of plugins installed. Several of them seem to be throwing errors. Tickrate enabler seems to be having gamedata signature issues, are you using the latest signatures for that plugin? Melee in spawn room also seems to keep throwing repeated errors. I would disable the plugins that are throwing errors and see if that helps the issue at all to try to narrow it down. When adding new plugins, I recommend testing each one for possible errors in the log one by one, until you're sure each one is stable. That's how I arrived at my setup.

If you don't experience any lag on the stock campaigns, then the problem is probably related to the custom map. Sometimes plugins can run into issues with custom maps.
Thanks for the input sbrblz. All those plugins, although showing errors in logs file were working fine before on my server, so I though the custom map I installed maybe the cause...Still, I tried disable those that getting errors warning, freshly reinstall sourcemod and delete the map, my server is running normally again. I'll try to slow down on the plugins hoar this time lol. If you have time, maybe you could try to run your server with the "Road to Nowhere" campaign and see if that's the cause here?
Originally Posted by sbrblz View Post
As a side note, Harry has now added the ability to save bots' gear and health to his fork of the save weapons plugin, now available here. I tested it out, using ABM any survivor over the number of 4 does not have their gear saved, so myself with 7 bots, 3 of them are not saved. The plugin works fine using Multislots. If saving extra bots' gear is a priority for you, you can swap ABM with Multislots and keep SuperVersus if you don't use any of the extra ABM features. You can also use Merudo's fork of the save weapons plugin with ABM as well. I'll update the guide.
That's good to hear! Always nice to have a alternative method incase the one I'm running goes crazy. Bookmarked.

Originally Posted by Spirit_12 View Post
That sort of lag can happen if the map has forced zombie spawns. In short, map tries to spawn too many zombies and it goes over the entity limit of the server.

Another big thing that can contribute to that lag would be your bad installation of Tickrate_enabler. In short you might be trying to do a ton of stuff on each tick and the server is not able to keep up.
Wow, noted! Much appreciate for your help Spirit_12! So can there be anyway for me to reduce the entity or expand the limit of my server?
About the tickrate_enabler, I followed the installation guide carefully this time, can you share some config for server.cfg or more specific, network tweak you're using on your server? Thanks!
Also I've been tried to get my little sv public but everytime I run it, I can't find it on the ingame serverbrowser even in the LAN tab although I've properly forwarded my port. Only when I connect to it from lobby then it showing up and people can join. It's listed on my "Steam Group Server" section though.
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