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Old 03-01-2018 , 00:05   SMAC Eyetest Module isses after CS:GO Update 28th Feb 2018
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After today's CS:GO update -

Eyetest module is going crazy with warnings due to the changes.


Player XXX is suspected of tampering with an old movement command (tickcount). CmdNum: 722131 | [6469:6488:6488]

Release Notes for 2/28/2018

2018.02.28 -

[ MISC ]
– Weapon tracers for the local first-person player now appear to come from the weapon muzzle more reliably. Since bullets are actually fired directly along the crosshair, tracers may still be offset from the muzzle in cases where an object blocks the tracer from reaching its target. However, noise in the geometry near the target (like displacement geometry) should no longer cause this offset to happen as often.
– Guns that fire a tracer every few bullets now have a tracer on their first bullet. Fixes weapons not firing tracers at all with sv_infinite_ammo 1.
– Weapon viewmodels now reacts to weapon recoil & aimpunch. Can be disabled with “viewmodel_recoil 0”.
– Add a cheat setting convar cl_crosshair_recoil. When enabled will make the player’s crosshair also react to weapon recoil and aimpunch.
– Several fixes to address exploits and stability issues.
– Added new replay storage and download domains to allow more reliable download of match replays from Perfect World official datacenters.
– Game state integration (link) will now include players’ forward vector orientation when “allplayers_position” integration option is enabled.
– Added more detailed game information state for broadcast to friends.
– Made snd_stream load more efficiently.
– Fixed snd_stream to work on Linux.
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