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Originally Posted by Crasher_3637 View Post
I examined the abilities of the Tanks in the Random Tanks mod and they're mostly similar to the Tanks in Super Tanks+.

Answer: No, I cannot add those Tanks. Sorry.

BUT, I can add more combinations of Super Tanks. I already have 2 planned out:

1. Meme Tank
- Weak stats but has all abilities.
2. Boss Tank
- Strong stats but has all abilities.


I didn't realize it was similar. I'm sorry!Oh, my God!

1. Meme Tank
2. Boss Tank
I am very excited. Thank you for adding. So good!

The tank you made is so fun.


Occasionally, a tank with this effect is summoned.
The screen continues to be hit by a melee attack on the tank. Is it a plug-in bug? Or is it my problem?
Sometimes happens.

This effect can be when the round

It will display normally.

It happens occasionally.

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