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Old 09-04-2021 , 13:04   How can I make my servers usable to randoms again?
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As we all know, the Last Stand update ruined many things for us server owners. One thing I never managed to fix on mine, that nobody else seems to be having a problem with, was people being able to randomly select them when searching for best available dedicated. I used to always come online to see people enjoying games in them, but ever since the update...nothing. It has to be specifically chosen from the steam group servers list. I really miss that and want my servers to be available for everyone so they can enjoy them once again.

I've already tried:

- Making sure they were NOT set to steam group exclusive
- Adding "setmaster" command to have them on the master list

I don't really know what else to try. I know for sure its not working because I upload uncommon workshop maps like "A Path to Exit" and it cant find any servers for these uncommon maps, yet mine are up and running ready for games.
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