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Yes it is in the right place, otherwise an error would occur that the file is not found.
The file is not empty, but it looks like that GotoFirstSubKey does not find anything.
I tired to debug, but I have no clue why

// mode - 0 - disabled, 1 - counts every kills including team kills, except suicide (for FFA), 2 - counts only enemy team kills
// Kill counts and rewards for those kills

"mode" "2"

"1" "weapon_hegrenade"
"2" "weapon_molotov"
"3" "weapon_healthshot"

I also tried to modify the script, but also no success

if (FileExists(buffer))
LogError("Error! configs/ks_rewards.ini not exists");
LogError("configs/ks_rewards.ini exists");

FileToKeyValues(kvRevards, buffer);

if(!kvRevards.GotoFirstSubKey()) LogError("[Kill Streak Rewards] Config is empty");

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