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Hi I try to disable the panorama team menu and bind the M key ?
Here is what I tried but is seems not to work.
	HookUserMessage(GetUserMessageId("VGUIMenu"), TeamMenuHook, true);
public Action TeamMenuHook(UserMsg msg_id, Protobuf msg, const int[] players, int playersNum, bool reliable, bool init)
	char buffermsg[64];
	msg.ReadString("name", buffermsg, sizeof(buffermsg));
	if(StrEqual(buffermsg, "info"))
		return Plugin_Stop;
	if (StrEqual(buffermsg, "team"))
		PrintToServer("------- [DEBUG] VGUI m pressed.");
		int client = players[0];
		RequestFrame(show_team_menu, GetClientUserId(client)); // this is a custom menu that I want to use
		return Plugin_Stop;
	PrintToServer("------- [DEBUG] %s.",buffermsg);
	return Plugin_Continue;
Anyone has any ideea why the Plugin_Stop is not stopping the menu from appearing ?

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