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Originally Posted by ddhoward View Post
Getting back on topic, will the major version numbers ( 1.7 and 1.8 ) be going away as well? I'm a little confused on how this works.
One day, but probably not in the near future, we'll still be flip-flopping the major versions like we always have (i.e. at some point 1.8 will be closed for major changes, 1.9 will start, then after 1.8 is stabilized, 1.7 will stop getting updates and 1.8 will be the new stable. It's possible that when that happens 1.8's branch will be called something like stable rather than 1.8-dev and then that'll effectively be it (we'll have stable and master).
The actual version numbers will probably not go away (although might be folded into a different pattern or de-emphasized) as we want to keep a way of notifying on required (security) updates.
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