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Hello, Im new here and Id like you to help with an issue I have with the semiclip plugin.

So, my server runs a hidenseek mod and I need a semiclip team plugin where the knife can pass through my team-players.

I have two plugins:

(PLUGIN_ONE - by teame06) This plugin is ok, the knife passes through teammates but have another problems such as: if there are 2 CT close to one another, the T can pass through them whereas CT cant pass throught T; likewise, if there are two Ts nearby, the CT cant hit them.
EDIT: I have witnessed that on the linux modules this plugin doesnt work, only on windows (i have 1.8.3-dev+)...

If you choose to modify this plugin you only have to fix these problems, as knife trace is alright.

(PLUGIN_TWO - by ConnorMcLeod) If you choose to modify this plugin, Id like for you to make sure that the knife would pass through those on my team (CT).

(PLUGIN_THREE - by ConnorMcLeod and xPaw) -
1) Team semiclip
2) Fix Playerid

I'd like to know the difference between SOLID_BBOX and SOLID_SLIDEBOX

I'd like a 'team semiclip' that has knife trace...

Thank you a lot and have a nice day!
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