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Written for Hidden:Source Beta 4b

 * Hidden:SourceMod - Weight-Reporter
 * Description:
 *  Prints a player's chances based on existing weight points when the round ends.
 * Associated Cvars:
 *  hdn_selectmethod [0/1/2]     : The way the game chooses the next player. 0: Weighted, 1: Classing (Kill=Become), 2: Random. Default: 0
 *  hdn_hiddenrounds [rounds]    : The number of rounds a successful hidden can be hidden. Default: 5
 *  hsm_weighter_delay [seconds] : Seconds to wait after round ends before print out report. Should not exceed mp_chattime. Default: 0.25
 *  mp_chattime [seconds]        : Seconds between old round ending and new round starting.
 * Installation:
 *  Please make sure to put the *.phrases.txt file in the .../addons/sourcemod/translations folder otherwise the plugin wont operate properly.
 * Changelog:
 *  v1.0.3
 *   Removed dependency.
 *  v1.0.2
 *   Unloads automatically on Overrun maps.
 *  v1.0.1
 *   Added Language localization.
 *   Fixed bug where the chances would still be printed out even if hdn_hiddenrounds wasn't 1, and the hidden won but hadn't reach the limit. - thanks -SM-Sucker/The Dark Prince
 *   Changed myinfo:name to H:SM - WeighteR. It was copied from Carry the one.
 *  v1.0.0
 *   Initial Release.
 * Known Issues:
 *  A player's chances at round end are not final. They can still suicide or give ammo, thus altering their weighting.
 *  Does not support Overrun map mode as I've never taken the time to understand how the selection method works for those maps.
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