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Originally Posted by Powerlord View Post
What's the advantage of using this over Plugin Autoupdater?
I made this because that plugin had bugs piling up and it wasn't being maintained. I originally made this for SMAC early in the year, but decided to release it as a separate plugin so that anyone could use it in other projects, including my own.

I incorporated this quick list of ideas to start:
Originally Posted by GoD-Tony View Post
  • Bug fixes.
  • Path_SM support instead of having to hardcode the SourceMod folder (none of my servers used the original name).
  • KeyValue files instead of XML.
  • More features for developers, and less confusing for users.
  • The auto-updating plugin should update itself, so that other plugins can always rely on the latest features/fixes.
In addition, XML wasn't very pawn friendly, and there was a bug that scattered files if the URL or local path was too long. This plugin also lets the user to choose which extension they want to use (some had crashing issues with Sockets).

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