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Originally Posted by Rothgar View Post
Sure that makes sense and should be easy enough.

I'll give mewbie222 a couple more days to see if he can test the bot code change I suggested otherwise I'll release that fix separately.
I can not check, and then I'm checking for version 3.4.3 now.
And after changing the code, compilation error results in a compilation error.
Added, on real players everything works, but on bots nothing works.
If you did check for bots, then when did it work, and what happened now ?! ..

Or how then correctly it is necessary to register the above-mentioned parameters, so that the AFK will work on bots.
And the last version I do not like to put and I'm afraid. how it will work on my game and at all. Plus I'm a little confused in it which files are still needed .. for the full work of the plug-in.

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