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Old 08-14-2019 , 06:30   [L4D2] Helms Deep Patch (VPK Maker) (1.2) [11-Nov-2019]
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  • The latest "Helms Deep" map updates added various (mostly blank) SourceMod and Valve configuration files, overwriting their functionality.
  • Malicious scripting attempts from a megalomaniac (SeriouS_Samurai) who wants to remove SourceMod and MetaMod from running with his map.
  • Let me make this very clear, SeriouS_Samurai is not the original creator of the Helms Deep map and has stolen the map removing all credit to Team Chivalry. What a disgusting individual. YouTube by JAiZ.
  • Thanks to Valve the .cfg files do not work (obviously he didn't know): "February 21, 2017: Configuration files are no longer loaded from addon vpks. These configuration values were sometimes used for malicious purposes".
  • This plugin fixes various files he's attempted to overwrite, restoring BaseBans plugin and other things. I've included the .cfg files anyway just in case.
  • Each time the server is started it will generate and create new VPKs allowing for any changes to your configs. The maximum size for each file added is 32 KB, to increase change MAX_FILE_SIZE and recompile.
  • I chose this method to learn VPK creation via SourceMod. It also prevents modifying the maps VPK and any legal infringements. Couldn't detour functions to block overwriting files.
  • Recommended Plugin: VScript File Replacer to fix more stuff with Helms Deep.

What This Does:
  • Modifies AddonList.txt to load the VPKs. This is required otherwise only some of the restored files are loaded.
  • Creates two identical VPK addons (sm_helms_patch1.vpk and sm_helms_patch2.vpk) with the following files.
  • Fixes BaseBans plugin.
  • Fixes SourceMod files:
  • Fixes Valve files:

Admin Commands:
  • Requires "z" - ADMFLAG_ROOT flag
PHP Code:
sm_vpk     // Unloads all VPK addons, creates the Helms Deep Patch VPKs and reloads VPK addons.
sm_vpkb    // Prints the valve file system and local file system versions of sourcemod/configs/banreasons.txt.
sm_vpks    // Shows the VPK addon load order. Shorter wrapper command to show_addon_load_order. 

PHP Code:
// Helms Deep Patch plugin version.

1.2 (11-Nov-2019)
    - Can now write binary files to VPK.

1.1 (11-Nov-2019)
    - Added new files from (10-Nov-2019) Helms Deep update attempt to overwrite them.
    - Now always detects when "addonlist.txt" order is incorrect and fixes.
    - Warns to restart server for loading addons in the correct order.
    - @SeriouS_Samurai: GTFO stupid noob. Your malware doesn't work.

    Also note:
    - "VScript File Replacer" plugin: changes to "vscripts_override.cfg" for Helms Deep.

1.0.4 (24-Aug-2019)
    - Added check to prevent errors when VPK 2 is inaccessible.

1.0.3 (18-Aug-2019)
    - Increased MAX_FILE_SIZE to 32 KB for packaging.

1.0.2 (16-Aug-2019)
    - Added "cfg/banned_user.cfg" to list of fixes.
    - Converted source to use MethodMaps.

1.0.1 (14-Aug-2019)
    - Added "host.txt" and "motd.txt" to list of fixes. Thanks to "Xanaguy" for reporting.

1.0 (14-Aug-2019)
    - Initial release.

  • This plugin is only required if your server has "Helms Deep" map installed.

  1. Click "Get Plugin" and put the .smx file into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.
  2. Refresh your plugins to generate the VPKs and restart the server to load the patch. Or restart your server twice.
  3. Recommended Plugin: VScript File Replacer to fix more stuff with Helms Deep.

  1. Delete the plugin from your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.
  2. Delete sm_helms_patch1.vpk and sm_helms_patch2.vpk from your servers \addons\ folder.
  3. Restart the server.
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