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Old 08-05-2019 , 19:17   [CS:GO] Dices - Gamble your credits with another player [STORE/SHOP support]
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➤ Gamble your credits with another player.
➤ Supports Zephyrus's Store
➤ Supports TiBarification's Shop

How to install:
➤ Download files from github
➤ Copy csgo_dices_store.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins if you use ZEPHYRUS's STORE
➤ Copy csgo_dices_shop.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins if you use TiBarification's SHOP
➤ Change the map or type in console "sm_rcon sm plugins load csgo_dices_store" / "sm_rcon sm plugins unload csgo_dices_shop"

➤ sm_dices <#playername> <credits> | Send a request to a player
➤ sm_dicesoff | Turn off all requests
➤ sm_diceson | Turn on all requests

Download links:
➤Direct download:
➤Github Repo:

➤ yash1441- I used this plugin as inspiration: []

➤ 1.0 - first release
➤ 1.1 - small bug fix
➤ 1.2:
- Important bug fixed
- Added sounds for losing/winning
- Changed from PrintToChatAll to PrintToChat, no more spam.
My servers:

* Steam:

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