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Originally Posted by aykocity View Post
no :(

currently only works when the map is newly opened
next rounds not working
Hello. I think you may be confused. As I could see, "sm_blind" is a command.
This script manages CONVARS, not commands.
Tell me exactly what are you trying to do. Maybe you are using this plugin by mistake.

I think you should do is:
sm_delaycmd 30.0 sm_blind @all 300
sm_delaycmd 50.0 sm_blind @all 0
In above code, you should know that both 'sm_delaycmd' commands are executed at the same time. This means that if you executed your CFG at 00:00:00s, you will blind @all at 0:00:30s. And @all will be unblinded at 0:00:50s, not at 0:01:20s.

You should also use a plugin that automatically loads your CFG on each round.
listenserver.cfg and server.cfg are executed on each mapchange, not on each new round.

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