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Originally Posted by Dr. Greg House View Post
The console of the blocked client(!) shows this
10 is
PHP Code:
k_EChatRoomEnterResponseMemberBlockedYou 10// Join failed - some member in the chat has blocked you from joining 
You can find the List here.

Do you have any output from the server? I can expose:
PHP Code:
// Purpose: Sent on entering a lobby, or on failing to enter
//            m_EChatRoomEnterResponse will be set to k_EChatRoomEnterResponseSuccess on success,
//            or a higher value on failure (see enum EChatRoomEnterResponse)
struct LobbyEnter_t
enum k_iCallback k_iSteamMatchmakingCallbacks };

uint64 m_ulSteamIDLobby;                            // SteamID of the Lobby you have entered
uint32 m_rgfChatPermissions;                        // Permissions of the current user
bool m_bLocked;                                        // If true, then only invited users may join
uint32 m_EChatRoomEnterResponse;    // EChatRoomEnterResponse
but it doesn't look like there's the connecting member's accountid, so I don't think it's even server side(?).
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