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Originally Posted by possibly_yaboi_mark View Post
for various reasons, i need to make the mediguns in tf2 hurt players, as opposed to heal, and after messing with tf2items, specifically the attributes of heal rate penalty (index seven), attributes of heal rate bonus (index eight), and even negative numbers, i cannot figure out how to get it to function in the way i wish. is it possible i am missing something?
It's probably just not going to be possible, it's likely that it's hardcoded in TF2 that the medigun can only provide health, not take it away.

You'd probably have a better chance of hooking the "player_healed" event, and then either trying to set the "amount" to a negative value, or, setting it to 0 and then hurting the patient.

PHP Code:
"patient"    "short"
    "healer"    "short"
    "amount"    "short"


I had an explore of this myself, player_healed does not fire on every heal event, it fires every time that number pops up in the world that says how much you healed, so it's not reliable, it also doesn't consider overheal.

The method I ended up using was hooking the players prethink, checking to see if their medigun had a heal target, and if so, damage that heal target. If you need more guidance let me know.

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