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Old 12-27-2021 , 17:55   Does SteamTools no longer work? I've got a deprecated error with
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Hi, I'm trying to get my old mod TF2 War3Source Evolution back up and running... ran into an error dealing with can someone please help?

It's been years since I've done scripting for sourcemod... so, I was wondering if there was an update to or ??

/addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/ : fatal error 196: deprecated syntax; see

It points to this part of the code:

-->> funcenum HTTPRequestComplete


	public(HTTPRequestHandle:HTTPRequest, bool:requestSuccessful, HTTPStatusCode:statusCode),

	public(HTTPRequestHandle:HTTPRequest, bool:requestSuccessful, HTTPStatusCode:statusCode, any:contextData),

I've downloaded from

I'm using the from
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