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Maybe, it will make life easier for somebody.

Batch sm plugins converter to new syntax.

Benefits: all-in-one. Simple right click => got new .sp/.smx


MethodMaps converter by Peace-Maker.
New-syntax converter by ThatOneGuy (port to VB6 by SilverShot and Dragokas).
Batch Script by Dragokas.



- Install Python:
- Download and unpack SourcePawn compiler for Windows (v.1.8+):
- Unpack this archive.
- Edit sp_file_handler.reg to point to your compiler path.
- Apply sp_file_handler.reg by double-click.
- Edit Convert_Syntax.cmd to point "include" in correct folder path of your compiler.
- Make shortcut to file "Convert_Syntax.cmd"
- Press Win + R, enter "Shell:Sendto" and place shortcut in opened window.


- Press right mouse click on your old-syntax .sp file => choose "Convert_Syntax".
- Wait for coverting to new syntax (stage 1).
- spcomp.exe will try to compile. If errors appear, you should manually fix them (file "plugin.sp").
- Press any key (enter).
- Wait for coverting to new methodmaps (stage 2).
- spcomp.exe will try to compile. If errors appear, you should manually fix them (file "plugin_mm.sp"):
> Usually it's wrong var. types like:
>> Handle cvar = INVALID_HANDLE; => should be: ConVar cvar;
>> Handle hMenu => should be: Menu hMenu
>> Handle hEvent => should be: Event hEvent e.t.c.

At the end, you will receive:
- plugin.sp.bak (your original file). It will not be overwritten in any situation.
- plugin.sp (after stage 1 - new syntax only)
- plugin_mm.sp (after stage 2 - new syntax + new methodmaps)
- .smx files for each stage.
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